Election 2013: Sheila Thomas

Name: Sheila Thomas

Ward: St Mary’s


    • What, if any, changes would you like to see made to transport provision for the islands? What would you do to influence this if you were elected?

Reliable links to the mainland are vital and we must support our only (at present) transport provider to maintain them. The proposed hard runway at St Just must go ahead. I would love to see an alternative helicopter service back on the island route as to many of our tourists this was an unique way of starting their holiday I would support both of these initiatives if I am re-elected on Thursday

    • What are you views on how to tackle the waste issues on the islands?

This is a problem the Council cannot tackle alone – we really need a new incinerator for which we will need grant aid. In the short term we must tackle the unsightly Moorwell Alp by shipping our waste to landfill sites on the mainland. We must encourage more recycling on the islands and as an incentive, share the “benefits” with the council tax payers.

    • Do you believe the Council needs to be more open with the local electorate? How will you personally influence this if you are elected?

Yes the Council/councillors do need to be more transparency with the electorate. there are certain sensative issues that must be “kept secret”, but people are more than welcome to knock at my door (which they do) and express any concern they may have & I will do my best to get the matter resolved

    • The Council is facing a budget ‘black hole’ in the coming years. What are your top priorities for tackling this situation?

The appointment of Mr Barry Keel as temporary CEO is a wonderful achievement. He went to Plymouth Council when it was in a similar situation to ourselves and helped turn it round, so I am hoping the advice he gives us will be acted on in a fair manner with the cooperation of all involved.

    • What do you feel is the biggest problem facing the islands? And what will you do, if elected, to try to tackle this issue?

Transport, as previously stated.

    • How involved should the Council be in funding tourism-related activities like the Tourist Information Centre?

As such a high percentage of us rely on tourism for a living, the council must still maintain an interest especially with the present decline in visitor numbers. If we are to have a TIC then I think it should be integrated into the Town Hall, possibly the One Stop Shop area and staff would then be “multi taskers”

    • What do you feel makes you able to speak on behalf of the local electorate in Scilly as a Councillor?

If I was a stick of rock you would find Scilly written all the way through me! I am a Scillonian born and bred and only want the best for our islands

    • If elected, how will you maintain contact with the local electorate? Will you hold regular surgeries or similar events?

As previously mentioned people know where I live and are welcome to come & see me at any time

    • What has been your biggest achievement in life so far?

Having my two sons from whom I have a gorgeous grand son. Incidentally my 2nd greatest achievement was marrying Chris and gaining 2 ready made daughters!! and having 8 more grandchildren

    • Do you believe the current composition of the Council, with thirteen elected St Mary’s representatives, and two for each of the off-islands, is correct? If not, what changes would you like to see?

No I do not think the composition of the Council is fair or right. I think we should be 1 parish comprising of 21 elected councillors. The electorate votes for all 21 persons but must include 1 from each off-island.

    • Do you believe Mundesley House should continue in its current form? If not, what changes would you like to see made?

No I do not think Mundesley should continue in its present form. With the modern jet boats I think children of all school age should come to St Marys to our wonderful new school daily, after all children on the mainland invariably live more than 2/3 miles from their school and have to travel in all weathers. This would then release a large property for either resale or preferably, conversion to affordable local homes.