Election 2013: Roy Duncan

Name: Roy Duncan

Ward: St Mary’s


    • What, if any, changes would you like to see made to transport provision for the islands? What would you do to influence this if you were elected?

Ideally, a ship to sail between Penzance and Scilly in just under two hours and carry sufficient number of passengers. Officially, on the Council I could have no input as I have a substantial interest in the Steamship Co.

    • What are you views on how to tackle the waste issues on the islands? 

Clear the Moorwell ‘Alp.’ Aim for sustainable system for the future with greatly increased recycling.

    • Do you believe the Council needs to be more open with the local electorate? How will you personally influence this if you are elected? 

I think two or, at most, three public meetings of Council members and officers with updating presentations, followed, subject by subject, with questions and/or suggestions from public.

    • The Council is facing a budget ‘black hole’ in the coming years. What are your top priorities for tackling this situation? 

Initially, I would wait for report from the Interim Chief Executive.

    • What do you feel is the biggest problem facing the islands? And what will you do, if elected, to try to tackle this issue? 

Decline in visitor numbers – which affects nearly every aspect of island life. Support partners in trying to achieve more and better publicity for Scilly.

    • How involved should the Council be in funding tourism-related activities like the Tourist Information Centre? 

For the time being, to continue as we are or even become more involved. Now is not the time to be reducing any support to our main industry.

    • What do you feel makes you able to speak on behalf of the local electorate in Scilly as a Councillor? 

Having been born, brought up and lived here all my life. Having been involved in many aspects of island life, including as a councillor.

    • If elected, how will you maintain contact with the local electorate? Will you hold regular surgeries or similar events? 

I am out and about much of the time and people have always felt they can approach me on Council business. I have been and will continue to be accessible in person, on the telephone, by post or email. Whilst I do not see the need for regular surgeries I would be willing to hold them if it became the norm.

    • What has been your biggest achievement in life so far? 

To be a happy and contented family man living on Scilly (where four generations of my family currently live).

    • Do you believe the current composition of the Council, with thirteen elected St Mary’s representatives, and two for each of the off-islands, is correct? If not, what changes would you like to see? 

I believe that the status quo is about right. I do not think that a smaller Council would serve the democratic process as well.

    • Do you believe Mundesley House should continue in its current form? If not, what changes would you like to see made? 

Yes, because I believe that the current system serves the off-islands well.