Election 2013: Ask The Candidate

polling stationOver the last two weeks, Radio Scilly has asked you to send in questions that you’d like to put to all of the candidates in this week’s local elections.

We gathered those together and sent out a final list of eleven questions to all the candidates asking for their responses. The subjects cover everything from waste and transport to Council budgets and Mundesley House. In fact, the same subjects that get so many comments on ScillyToday and our Facebook page.

Below, you can see their responses. Please be aware that if a candidate hasn’t responded, it could be that they didn’t receive a copy of the questions or were unable to reply because of other commitments.

We sent the questions to all candidates by both email and letter, as not all candidates might have internet connections.

Voting will take place on St Mary’s, at the Old Wesleyan Chapel, and St Martin’s in the Reading Room on Thursday 2nd May, from 7am to 10pm.

Voters on St Mary’s will be able to vote for up to 13 candidates and on St Martin’s for up to 2 candidates, although you can vote for less than that number if you wish.

Polling will not take place on Bryher, St Agnes or Tresco.



Bryher (2 seats)

  • Marian Bennett


St Agnes (2 seats)

  • Richard McCarthy
  • Mollie Peacock


St Mary’s (13 seats)


St Martin’s (2 seats)

  • Colin Daly
  • Adam Morton
  • Christine Savill



Tresco (2 seats)

  • Robert Dorrien Smith
  • Mike Nelhams