Hospital League Of Friends Looking For Younger Members

Ann Mumford

Ann Mumford

The St Mary’s Community and Hospital League of Friends is looking for new members to inject life into the group’s fundraising activities.

Following their AGM this week, member Ann Mumford says the current committee of ‘older ladies’ feel that they need new blood to come up with some novel ideas.

Ann said many people don’t realise just how much the League has provided to the hospital, Park House and the health centre. Only this year, the group paid £2,500 for a new machine to monitor patients on the drug warfarin.

From Radio Scilly

Ann Mumford talks about the Hospital League of Friends

Ann says when she first started fundraising, they were looking at much smaller sums for ‘comfort’ items like paying for TV licences.

“If we’re asked for something, we provide the money and don’t make a big splash about it,” says Ann.

The committee feels that coffee mornings and cream tea afternoons are ‘old hat’ because visitors go off-island if it’s a nice day. The last big event was a Family Fun Day on Holgate’s Green a few years ago, which raised £3,500.

But Ann says that took a lot of planning and hard work.

If they don’t get new members, Ann says the League will carry on with small fundraising events like flag days until the money runs out.

But the demands on the organisation continue. They’re currently looking to fund new defibrillator units for the islands and will be paying for local disabled woman, Judy Purkiss, to visit over the summer from her care home in Devon.

Judy needs to travel on a stretcher in a specially chartered Skybus plane.

Anne says younger residents might not appreciate that one day, themselves or a loved one will need the equipment that gets paid for by the League.