Town Hall To ‘Reinstate’ Windows That Were Never There

The Town Hall

The Town Hall

Work has started to refurbish the Town Hall on St Mary’s.

The Grade II listed building will see its public areas upgraded, including new toilets, kitchen and a ‘green room’ behind the current stage for theatre productions.

But it’s outside that the biggest changes are being made and some locals are not happy.

In October last year, the Planning Committee agreed that the ‘bricked-up’ windows on the southern side, facing Porthcressa beach, could be ‘reinstated’ with new glazed ones.

But the Council has now admitted that this side of the building never had real windows in the first place.

Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden said he’s aware that old photographic records show the blocked-up recesses were an original feature of the building.

He said they’ve had to get Listed Building Consent from the Secretary of State for the new windows and English Heritage provided a grant for their manufacture.

New shutters that can be closed to protect the windows from storms and to control the light are also being installed.

The Council says the changes will create a lighter, brighter public space, enhancing its use as a daytime venue.

They’re anticipating that the work will be finished by the beginning of July 2013.

5 Responses to Town Hall To ‘Reinstate’ Windows That Were Never There

  1. Colin Bean April 26, 2013 at 10:04 pm

    At last! Some of our council tax being put to good use. The area in question looks awful and has been made even more unsightly since the Porth Cressa work.
    The recycling bins should be screened off in some way to hide their presence, and I’m chuffed that the Town Hall rear is being done up-long overdue!
    I agree with Diane about the broken glass etc around the bins. We all need to take some responsibility and keep ALL areas tidy-it’s not solely the council’s job. Recycling areas on the mainland are generally hidden from view, easily accessible and are kept clean and safe. Why are we so accepting of shabbiness in comparison?

  2. John Smith April 26, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    Whilst suggestions & ideas are interesting & sometimes useful, others are completely absurd. The back of the Town Hall is one of the coldest spots for seating & I doubt very much if pretty plants would survive at all, still I suppose it would be interesting to see the comings & goings of the Public Loos!
    As for re sighting the recycle bins, the Council can’t even organise our household waste.
    I would like to know where the money to rebuild the Town Hall windows is coming from, seeing they are virtually broke. I think Mr Keel might have something to say regarding this extravagantly preposterous plan.

  3. Terry April 26, 2013 at 11:03 am

    I think the council are just addicted to wasting our money! They are facing financial problems beyond comprehension and potentially staff redundancies yet they can still find, what I can only assume, a few thousand pounds to brighten up a building that has remained unchanged for a good century. Someone needs to take that cheque book away from them!

    • IanT April 26, 2013 at 2:56 pm

      Whilst I have every sympathy with your concern over the money, the ‘back’ of the Town Hall which is the entrance most used by the public is hardly a pretty sight. The whole area would, however, be vastly improved by the removal of all the recycling bins and other clutter to a less conspicuous area and redeveloped with an attractive sitting area with plant troughs etc. Yes, the chip van parks there and I use when in Scilly but there must be somewhere more appropriate yet still convenient.

      • Diane Cidade April 26, 2013 at 5:04 pm

        I would say the area behind the Town Hall is perfectly convenient for most people coming into town and sorting out their glass and tins for recycling; until we should find ourselves with kerbside collections of our recyclable materials (a girl can dream!) and/or segregated collections from businesses who also use those facilities, its current location is ideal. It looks a bit untidy because the bins aren’t the most attractive (they’re mismatched and in unsightly colours, some might argue), but they serve their purpose. My main concern is the build-up of recycling that happens on the ground surrounding the recycling containers. A few weekends ago, there were three cases of empty beer bottles on the ground, and plenty of space in the containers where the ‘fly-tipper’ could have placed them. I’m glad the bottles at least made it to the right area, but it would be nice if everyone (citizens of Scilly, in particular) took more ownership of this place and did their best to keep the place neat and tidy. There are going to be times where we can’t just throw grant money at problems and will have to make do with the resources we do have. The bins are there – please use them!