Town Hall To ‘Reinstate’ Windows That Were Never There

The Town Hall

The Town Hall

Work has started to refurbish the Town Hall on St Mary’s.

The Grade II listed building will see its public areas upgraded, including new toilets, kitchen and a ‘green room’ behind the current stage for theatre productions.

But it’s outside that the biggest changes are being made and some locals are not happy.

In October last year, the Planning Committee agreed that the ‘bricked-up’ windows on the southern side, facing Porthcressa beach, could be ‘reinstated’ with new glazed ones.

But the Council has now admitted that this side of the building never had real windows in the first place.

Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden said he’s aware that old photographic records show the blocked-up recesses were an original feature of the building.

He said they’ve had to get Listed Building Consent from the Secretary of State for the new windows and English Heritage provided a grant for their manufacture.

New shutters that can be closed to protect the windows from storms and to control the light are also being installed.

The Council says the changes will create a lighter, brighter public space, enhancing its use as a daytime venue.

They’re anticipating that the work will be finished by the beginning of July 2013.

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