Lack Of Accommodation Affects Nursing ‘Dream’ Job In Scilly

anita bedford 2What could be a dream nursing job is going unfilled at St Mary’s hospital because suitable accommodation isn’t available.

The full-time registered nursing role has been advertised several times nationally and offered to four people over the past few months.

But it’s been turned down each time because the candidates don’t want to live in the nursing accommodation attached to the hospital and can’t find suitable rented housing on the island.

Hospital Manger, Anita Bedford, says they’ve had lots of interest but no one wants to, “live above the shop.”

Anita says the nurses’ accommodation at the hospital is very nice, with some of the best views on St Mary’s, but it’s not really suitable for couples or families who may want to move to Scilly.

Anita said the job on offer is almost unique in the UK. The successful candidate will have a high degree of autonomy and will often be the only registered nurse on duty, something unheard of anywhere else in the country.

Anita says that means they need someone with broad skills and experience across a range of different nursing areas, from accident and emergency to caring for the dying.

And she admits she doesn’t know if this type of nurse even exists anymore, with most taking on a high level of specialism on the mainland.

The whole country is currently facing a shortage of nurses and Anita says many people are unwilling to move in the current economic climate.

In the meantime, the vacancy will be filled by seconding staff from the mainland.

The hospital has now decided to extend the deadline for recruitment to 14th May, to see if anyone coming to Scilly for the World Pilot Gig Championships might be interested.

If you’d like further details of the role, you should contact Anita Bedford on 01720 422392.