Police And Council Disagree Over Parking Enforcement

hugh town centre summerIt appears that you can park on the yellow lines on St Mary’s roads today without fear of getting a ticket.

The police and the Council are in disagreement over who is in charge of enforcing traffic controls and neither organisation believes it’s their job.

The confusion stems back to 2008 when a change in the law meant that local councils assumed responsible for ticketing, as parking violations became a civil and not criminal matter.

At the time Radio Scilly spoke with a senior police officer who explained that the situation was unique here and, because of our size, Devon and Cornwall police would continue to regulate traffic restrictions.

From Radio Scilly

Sgt Colin Taylor on why he can’t enforce parking restrictions

But there’s now an opinion that the arrangement was just for a fixed transition period. Sergeant Colin Taylor has received written advice from the police legal team, which says enforcement is the responsibility of the Town Hall and police have no authority to issue tickets.

However, the Council’s Chief Technical Officer, Neville Gardner, has produced an email from Tony Melville, then the Deputy Chief Constable. In 2008 he wrote to state that police would handle the matter in Scilly.

Parking has become an issue again recently because of concerns that traffic along Hugh St will increase this summer with vehicles taking Tresco passengers from the airport to the quay.

Colin says people are continually turning to the police to ask what they’re doing about it, but he says people need to look elsewhere for a solution at the moment.

He says he’s not against parking enforcement, but feels he isn’t authorised to issue tickets and even if he did, their validity could be challenged.

And t’s still unclear whether the yellow lines are acceptable at all. Neville Gardner says the Council is assessing this and he says discussions with the police will take place once they are confirmed to be fully compliant.

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