Scilly Featured In Unique Landscape Photography Collection

scilly panoramas wildlife trustA unique Wildlife Trust photography project has provided some stunning and unusual views of Scilly.

The islands have been featured in the organisation’s Living Landscapes campaign to create 360 degree panoramas from landscapes across the UK.

The interactive views include sound recordings taken from the same spot as the images, which range from urban landscapes in Exeter to mountains in Scotland.

The images have been taken by wildlife photographer Mike McFarlane, who travelled 5,900 miles around the country on a folding bike to get the shots.

The project has taken Mike a year to complete and he says he wants to use his unusual photographs positively to benefit the landscape. Viewers can zoom in on features or flatten out the whole scene like a map.

One of Mike’s panoramas on Scilly is from Annet, giving viewers a unique view of this rarely visited island. He’s also taken shots at Peninnis Head, Salakee Down and Holy Vale on St Mary’s, Shipman Head on Bryher and Tean.

Interactive features in the images allow people to find out more about the local Wildlife Trust.

The organisation hopes the project will raise awareness of their conservation work by bringing the environments they work in to life on the screen.

You can see the panoramas of Scilly on the local Wildlife Trust site here and on the national site here.

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