Islands’ Partnership Meeting On St Martin’s

Higher Town on St Martin's

Higher Town on St Martin’s

The Islands’ Partnership, the replacement for Island Tourism and Island Marketing, will be meeting residents on St Martin’s this evening.

It’s the third visit to an off-island and organisers say it’s been arranged to promote an understanding of what the group’s aims and objectives are.

Manager, Amanda Pender, says people have been asking who the Partnership are and what they’re trying to achieve. She says it’s important for people to realise that they’re a membership organisation, which will stand or fall on its members.

Amanda says they’re meeting with businesses on each island and letting them know about the marketing campaigns they’re running.

They’ve already had sessions on Bryher and St Agnes.

Some islanders and members of the Partnership itself have been critical over the amount of   external marketing it is undertaking to promote Scilly and some people feel their strategy lacks dynamism and vision.

They say the Partnership is spending too much time on meetings in Scilly and not enough effort in getting visitors over.

Amanda says there has been a huge amount of action and they’ve been busy ‘doing’ rather than talking about it, including 78 different press releases in the last 12 weeks.

But she adds it’s a two way street and the organisation want to hear about people’s concerns and come up with some solutions.

The meeting starts at 6pm in the Reading Room.

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