Outcome Of Council’s Efficiency Campaign Unclear

Director of Finance, Peter Lawrence-Roberts

Director of Finance, Peter Lawrence-Roberts

A Council campaign designed to highlight the need for staff to save money has ended with the authority spending over three quarters of a million pounds more than expected.

It’s one year since Director of Finance, Peter Lawrence-Roberts launched his ‘Effective Efficiency Campaign’ at a Policy and Resources meeting last April.

He unveiled the project, which was designed to highlight areas of inefficiency and to make all staff aware of the savings that needed to be made. It was hoped that staff ‘at the coalface’ would be able to identify areas for savings better than members or senior officers.

It was recommended that the then Chair of that committee, Marian Bennett, would write to workers to get them involved. Staff identifying significant savings were to be offered a “small incentive.”

But twelve months later, councillors are dealing with a predicted overspend of £764,000 for the financial year.

We asked Peter Lawrence-Roberts what has happened. He says the Council remains committed to an efficiency drive and all Chief Officers continue to work on and develop it.

But he couldn’t say any more because the pre-election rules prevent him.

He says that when the new Council is formed, he will update the community on the efficiency measures being proposed.

One Response to Outcome Of Council’s Efficiency Campaign Unclear

  1. David Graham April 23, 2013 at 10:00 pm

    There’s nothing to stop him commenting on what staff have or haven’t done. Purdah only relates to an Authority publishing information relating to Councillors who are standing for election.

    Just a technical point from someone with 43 years experience!

    How do you over-spend by £700k? Is there nobody managing the budget?