Inspirational Engineering Course For Islands’ Student

The Five Islands School

The Five Islands School

A Five Island School pupil says he’s inspired to follow an engineering career after a four day residential course gave them a taste of what he could achieve.

Jordan Graham was successful in his application for a place on a course at Harper Adams University College in Shropshire.

He was one of 96 students who were invited for mentoring by engineering professionals.

The attendees were given projects to encourage them to think laterally and work as teams. Jordan was involved in building a bridge that could support the most weight and had to construct a device that would propel an egg forward without breaking it.

Jordan’s mum Rachel Easterbrook says the course was a wonderful, broadening experience where he mixed with other children, picked up lots of career information and had talks from various companies.  All of this has helped him to think about the wider world and his future career choices.

But she says she’s concerned that no system is in place to help young people attend these types of events. The school and Children’s Services couldn’t assist with travel costs and she had to fund the trip herself.