Council Considering Waste Forum

Waste management site at Moorwell

Waste management site at Moorwell

The Council is considering setting up a forum to discuss waste.

There have been calls for further community consultation after controversial options for using Pendrathen and Porth Wreck as potential storage areas for inert waste were revealed.

On 7th March the current Chairman of the General Purposes committee, Fred Ticehurst, rejected a formal request to consider creating a Council waste subcommittee. But Town Hall officers now say there is potential for a body similar to the Moorwell Improvement Group, set up by Pilot’s Retreat and Jackson’s Hill residents.

They’ve been pushing for a separate access road to the dump, although it’s uncertain whether that idea or Pendrathen’s use will feature in the consultant’s recommendations.

Chief Technical Officer Neville Gardner says their report hasn’t been completed so the Council doesn’t know what is being suggested for future waste management. Andy Street of SLR says their findings will be shared with Council officers this week.

Press Officer George Pearson says it’s likely that the first General Purposes committee meeting of the new Council, formed after the May elections, will discuss the SLR plan.

Andy Street says a number of positive suggestions have emerged through the consultation process and it’s been, “a very worthwhile exercise.” The Council believe that the Moorwell access road was one of those positive ideas.

SLR also say they want to engage with key stakeholders on a regular basis to make sure they’re fully aware of progress and so their views can be taken on board in shaping and delivering the waste plan.

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