Beach Clean Will Tidy Up ‘Childhood Playground’

Porthellick Beach

Porthellick Beach

A St Mary’s woman hopes to lead by example, cleaning up the beach that was her ‘childhood playground’ today.

Nikki Banfield says she used to undertake impromptu beach cleans when she was growing up here and she recalls locals’ efforts in removing plastics and rubbish following the 1997 Cita shipwreck.

Recent weather and big seas has washed ashore rubbish on Porthellick and its appearance is, “pretty disgusting” she says.

Nikki says she had a good response when she mentioned the idea on her Facebook page and decided to formalise the event.

The 2pm clean up is being supported by the AONB. Their beach cleans continue but Nikki says it shouldn’t all be down to them. Islanders should take the lead instead of complaining, she says.

Nikki says that with summer approaching it’s important that we do what we can to improve the visitors’ experience.

4 Responses to Beach Clean Will Tidy Up ‘Childhood Playground’

  1. Bill Hiner April 20, 2013 at 9:11 pm

    Now now, Kev!

    “My approach” is simple. We CAN make a huge difference locally by picking up sea-borne litter (for the record-I am very much an anti-litter person), and making sure we dispose of our rubbish correctly.
    Can we pick up all the litter in the world? No, but we CAN make sure that our own doorstep is tidy, not only for visitors, but for our own well-being and that of all our animal friends.
    What we cannot do by not driving to the Co-op, is change the habits of the vast majority of the industrial world. They pump zillions of tons of noxious fumes into the air around our planet which we all breathe. If we were responsible for our “own air” around the islands, and could somehow protect it’s integrity, I would advocate only essential car usage. But, we cannot. The winds around our planet see to that.
    I see people drive to the centre of Hugh Town who cannot walk far because of age or disability, or may have something heavy to carry-are they to be “pedestrianised”?
    I drive because I either have to, or, believe it or not, because I WANT to-does that make me a bad citizen?

    • Kev Wright April 21, 2013 at 7:44 am

      My comment was partly in jest, Bill, as you may have guessed. But I think we can all help the environment in small ways. It’s defeatist not to do something because there are worse perpetrators out there. Even us “keyboard warriors” (not your words, can’t remember who said that).

      I’m a member of several online groups and while I can’t take part in protests from here, I can sign petitions (many of which have since been discussed in parliament) and these have led to the banning of certain chemicals, the banning of certain toxic food additives and so on. It’s also worth contacting our MP about such wider matters to help ensure that the “big picture” can change. He’s actually very helpful in this respect and I was pleased to get a personal response from Mr George in the post last week, as well as several emails he’s replied to.

      When it comes to pollution on ANY level, however small, every little thing we do is a step in the right direction and can influence others, maybe even becoming the norm.

      I wasn’t picking on you Bill and I mean no offence, but we should all do our bit, however tiny.

  2. Nikki April 20, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    Cheers Kev! And thanks to everyone who came to help!? We collected a huge amount of rubbish (I will be posting pictures later on my Facebook page -BareFoot Photographer) and the beach is looking much better. There are a couple of bits still there that we will be going down to collect at a later stage.

    Thanks to the AONB for supplying equipment, the Wildlife Trust for their help and support, dad (John Banfield) for the use of tractor and trailer to move the rubbish to a place where the DLF (Council) will be able to collect it and take it away.

    Great effort by everyone who turned up ???? many hands make light work!!

  3. Kev Wright April 20, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    Excellent work Nikki. I often pop down to Little Porth and fill up a bin bag. It’s surprising how much waste accumulates.

    Although according to Bill’s approach regarding the use of cars here, we might as well not bother when there are places like the Moorwell Alp and countless other vastly rubbish tips worldwide! Our minute efforts are a waste! Use your cars at free will and chuck your litter in the streets! There are worse out there than us! 😉