Police Sergeant’s Plea Over New Porthcressa Shelter

The new Porthcressa shelter

The new Porthcressa shelter

The islands’ police chief is urging the parents of young people to talk to them about showing respect for the new Porthcressa Shelter.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says there have been reports of groups of youngsters ‘messing about’ in the evening outside the new building, which opened recently as part of the £4.5 million Council–backed scheme.

He says youngsters have been seen hanging off the shutters and throwing toilet paper around, and he doesn’t want to see the activity escalating to criminal damage.

Colin says Park House is nearby and children may not be as aware of adults of the needs of older people, who might be sleeping in the early evening.

He wants locals to speak to their kids about appropriate behaviour and says as a parent he’ll be passing on a message to his own children.

Last month, the islands’ Member of the Youth Parliament, Maddie Sibley, told us that young people on the islands can sometimes feel vilified when residents assume that large groups are misbehaving.

She has called for an evening facility where her peer group can go and relax without disturbing nearby neighbours or being interrupted by the police.

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