Bryher’s ‘Soprano’ Bats To Be Studied

bryher townThe islands’ Bat Group will carry out experiments to find out which sort of bats live on Bryher.

They suspect that there are two types of Pipistrelle bats on the island; a common form and a ‘soprano’ form, so called because they ‘sing’ on a higher frequency as picked up their sensors.

But they still don’t feel they have enough hard evidence.

At the weekend, Mike and Ann Gurr attended a national bat conference in Exeter, where they were advised to set up three separate recording devices to help get a definitive answer. So they’ll monitor bat activity at Fraggle Rock, Veronica Farm and the Church, where there is a roost.

On St Mary’s, enthusiasts visited Rose Hill on Wednesday for a successful first bat walk of the year. It’s a hotspot as the bats congregate around the elms.

Mike says it’s too early to say whether Scilly’s bats have suffered from a cold winter like their mainland counterparts, but he feels the milder conditions here would be more favourable.

Then next Bat Walk session is set for mid May.