X-Ray Training Plans Could Reduce Medical Travel

St Mary's hospital

St Mary’s hospital

Training doctors, nurses and paramedics based in Scilly to take X-rays using the new machine at the hospital will reduce the number of unnecessary journeys patients have to make to the mainland.

That’s the plan announced by Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group, who want to get more use out of the new X-ray system that was installed last year.

It’s part of a plan to make more medical services available locally here on the islands.

At the moment, a radiographer has to travel over from the mainland once a week, which can be weather dependent, especially over winter.

It also means X-rays can’t be taken in an emergency situation.

Laura Patrick from KCCG says in future, routine X-rays could be taken by local staff and sent digitally to Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust’s radiology team, who would provide diagnosis and advice to the patient’s GP.

The machine can also be used for urgent assessments, she says, such as hip fractures, where it would help confirm if a patient needs to be evacuated to the mainland.

Laura says that while some patients will still need to be treated at Treliske for urgent care, people with less serious conditions will be able to choose to stay in Scilly, rather than travelling to West Cornwall, St Michael’s or other mainland hospitals.

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