Police Say Vehicle Standards In Scilly Improving

police landrover backThe standard of vehicle roadworthiness on St Mary’s has improved compared to last year.

Over the past three days, mainland-based traffic officer PC Mike Gamble has checked around 60 vehicles. He’s also visited professional drivers to inspect their vans and cars.

Mike says 33% of motors had defective tyres, which is the most common problem. That figure is high compared to mainland standards but is an improvement on last year when 34 out of 37 vehicles had tyre faults.

There were 12 prohibition notices issued but Mike says most of the problems are easily resolved. 2 defective tyres on the same axel is grounds for a notice, he says.

He says that checks are important because some drivers may not realise that there are faults with their vehicles due to the low driving speed and short journeys undertaken here.

Mike says vehicles in Scilly tend to show a different type of wear and tear compared to the mainland because there aren’t many straight roads and drivers have to turn a lot. He says the tyres are often quite badly damaged after just a year and it also affects the steering and brakes too.

But Mike says he is concerned with one driving practice he noticed in the school car park. Some parents drive away without ensuring the children are properly restrained. He says parents might only be driving a short distance but even light braking could cause the child to be flung forward.

The standard of commercial vehicles in Scilly is very good and he’s noticed that in the last 12 months there are more, newer vehicles here. He says this suggests the older ones that were past their sell-by date, “have gone to a better place.”

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