Newest Gig Built In Scilly Nearing Completion

Peter Martin with the new Zeeheld gig

Peter Martin with the new Zeeheld gig

The latest gig built in Porthloo by boat builders Peter Martin and Andy Hicks is nearing completion.

A Dutch club has commissioned Peter’s twelfth boat, the Zeeheld, which means Sea Hero. They’ll collect it just before gig weekend.

Peter says he’s lucky that Dutch clubs seem to like his boats. It’s the second he’s built for the country and he’s hopeful there’ll be a third.

The businessman who’s paying for the gig wanted it to be a surprise for the club, but Peter says the word got out.

Most of the boat is made is from a single elm tree. Peter says it’s always hard to track down a tree big enough, but he managed to find this one in Lincolnshire and had it shipped over to the islands.

He wanted the boat’s structure to include something from Scilly so he’s also sourced local elm to make the seats.

Peter says gig clubs always ask for a boat that will win races. But he can’t put in major design changes that would improve speed significantly, because he says the mainland inspector would simply order anything that isn’t approved to be ripped out.

He said it’s nice when a boat’s handed over to the club and launched because it becomes theirs and he always hopes his gigs will come somewhere near the top of the leader board.

The boat is now being varnished inside and Andy is working on the rudder.

Straight after the championships, Peter will start on his next project, work on the Shah.

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