Council Sets Up New Transport Forum

st marys harbour tripper boats scillonianThe Council has set up a new forum to help it gather information and views about travel issues facing the islands.

The Transport Forum, made up of representatives including, the Duchy, FRIST, transport operators, business leaders, wildlife and environmental agencies on the islands, will meet on a regular basis to discuss all aspects of travel on the islands.

It’s been split into three subgroups, one representing travel to the mainland, one for inter-island travel and one specifically focussed on St Mary’s.

It was originally recommended that the groups meet at least once a year but Cllr Marian Bennett wanted that changed to quarterly. She said things like close investigation of the passenger data meant more frequent meetings should be encouraged.

Cllr Robert Dorrien Smith said the passenger data was so important that it should be coming in on a daily or weekly basis and everyone should be fed the information.

And vice chair Amanda Martin said the intention is for people to get on with this as soon as possible and meet as frequently as required.

The report presented to councillors said they the groups to encourage informal and open communication and to develop clear action points rather than being a “talking shop.”

Meetings will not be open to the public and will be by invitation only.

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