Council Writes To Cornwall Over Newquay Airport

Newquay Cornwall airportThe chairman of Scilly’s Transport Committee has written to Cornwall Council about issues at Newquay Airport.

In the letter sent in February to Cornwall’s portfolio holder for transport, Bert Biscoe, Cllr Dudley Mumford says islanders are concerned that there are no direct public transport services linking Newquay Airport and Truro, particularly for appointments at Treliske Hospital.

And he said the £5 airport development fee at Newquay is unreasonable for islanders who have to travel frequently for health or business reasons.

Cllr Mumford has asked for a discount for elderly or disabled travellers.

However, it was revealed in last Thursday’s Transport Committee meeting that Cllr Biscoe has failed to respond to the letter, sent almost two months ago.

Spokesman George Pearson from the Council of the Isles of Scilly said that, although they’ve yet to receive a reply, they anticipate this may be due to the impending local elections, adding that the issues raised in the letter are still relevant.

“There have been substantial changes in the political leadership of Cornwall Council in recent months together with an appointment of an interim Chief Executive,” says Mr Pearson.

“We understand Cornwall Council have plenty of issues demanding their attention, transport being just one of them. The Council will contact Cornwall Council in the near future regarding the matters contained in the letter.”

We asked Cornwall Council for a comment but they decided not to respond.

This is at odds with an interview given to Radio Scilly last week regarding the on-going quay project, in which Cllr Biscoe said it was important for the mainland, “to recognise their responsibility to the islands” and for Scilly to, “remain in communication” with Cornwall.

4 Responses to Council Writes To Cornwall Over Newquay Airport

  1. Glynne Lucas April 17, 2013 at 1:21 pm

    After reading the comments made by Peter Tamblin, I felt I had to respond. Mr Tamblin, You obviously have an in depth knowledge of Newquay Airport and personal reasons for making those statements, but whatever you call Newquay Airport, you cannot deny that flights from there go all over Europe. That, (in my book) makes it an International Airfield and a relevant degree of security is necessary. I don’t think that moaning about being searched and asking for special treatment is going to do Scillonian residents any good at all. I also dispute your statement about Newquay Airport being a separate debacle to that of the links between Scilly and the Mainland, it is one and the same. This whole discussion is based on the letter of complaints that arose through the airfield at Land’s End being unusable and the necessity to use Newquay as a replacement destination. Of course we all prefer Land’s End but until we get hard runways there, we will be forced to continue using Newquay and because of this I feel that we should try to nurture a good working relationship instead of moaning every 5 minutes.

  2. Peter A Tamblin April 16, 2013 at 11:02 pm

    I read with disbelief the comments of Glynne Lucas. The whole debacle of Newquay airport is actually a different debacle to that of the links between Scilly and the mainland.

    Lets start with Newquay Airport : Its a huge airfield, trying to be an International airfield, when in truth it is only a Municiiple airfield. And it will never be anything else, because it does not have the passenger traffic to graduate it to the higher status. Cornwall Council, in their miss informed, and very amateurish way, sold the idea of our Cornish airport to a emotional electorate, without any idea of what was entailed. Indeed, what has yet to be revealed is that the current location of the terminal, is supported by a hard standing with such a low Load Carrying Number ( LCN) that it is limited to aircraft of the type of early 737s Any thing bigger cannot take on a full fuel load, so in essence the terminal is on the wrong side of the airfield.

    Next, lets look at a real plus point of Newquay airfield, 404 Hangar, which when it was built, was a structural first in Europe. So what has Cornwall Council done with this wonderful potential aviation money earner, they have given it to an Aviation Museum, at an almost no cost rental agreement. What a waste of a superb revenue earning facility. Now I actually wish the Museum all good speed, but there are other hangers at St Mawgan that would have been totally adequate for their requirements, leaving 404 to earn revenue from a progressive aviation activity.

    And what does the Manager of Newquay Airport do to try and off set the £5 million that we the tax payer bleed into the airport each year, he makes a £1 charge drop off fee. What a miserable shambles.

    Now back to the original point, Newquay is not the first place that most Islanders wish to arrive at. Penzance has been the first port of call, and will continue to be so. Newquay is as attractive to them as landing in Exeter. St Just is a slightly better option, making a day trip to sort out business a more reasonable option. However, St Just has its fair share of problems, but hopefully these wil be sorted by a reinforced runway. An ideal Municiiple airfield for the Scillies.

    But also lets not forget that it was the intransigence of the Penzance area community, that forced the helicopter company to finally throw in the towel.

    Nothing is actually clear cut and in isolation in today’s world, but in the main, what often happens is the result of the interference of a complacent, miss informed and under qualified member of mankind, hiding under the mantle of being a County Councillor.

  3. Glynne Lucas April 16, 2013 at 5:44 pm

    I can’t think of a better way to get the Islands and Islanders disliked by our Cornish colleagues more, than by continually moaning about the degree of security at Newquay Airport, the fact that there’s no personal bus to take someone to Treliske, the inconvenience of getting to & from Newquay, the weather etc etc. Surely, instead of these complaints being directed to the management of Newquay Airport, who incidentally have a genuinely International Airport to run, instead of a tin pot field on the edge of nowhere, or hounding those who walk the hallowed corridors of County Hall, those efforts would be better directed to the Isles of Scilly Steamship Co. and get them in their self opinionated wisdom, to fork out on hard runways at Land’s End. I would have thought that based on the experiences of last winter, that would be an over-riding priority.

  4. Scillyme April 16, 2013 at 4:23 pm

    This enables me to cut ‘red tape’ for people and to encourage different council services to work together.

    His own words from his own website.