Bryher Resident Charged With Alleged Assault

Bryher Quay

Bryher Quay

A Bryher resident has been charged with alleged assault and will appear in court on St Mary’s on May 15th to answer the allegations.

Two police officers were called out to the island in the early hours of Sunday morning. Locals rang 999 just after midnight but, because of the tides, officers couldn’t make the crossing until around 5am. They were taken over on the medical launch.

One male was arrested and taken to St Mary’s police station for questioning. Sergeant Colin Taylor says as part of bail conditions, he cannot return to Bryher or make contact with any witnesses.

Colin says it was the longest shift he has ever worked as a police officer. He clocked on at 3pm on Saturday and because of the overnight night call, was still working until 1:30pm on Sunday lunchtime.