Swedish Children’s Documentary Producer Visiting Islands

round island 2A Swedish-based documentary maker says he’s impressed with the islands and excited to be filming in Scilly later this summer.

Keith Foster is originally from England but he hasn’t been to the islands before his visit this week.

His company, UR Productions, is making a film featuring 14 and 15 year olds, which will be used to help Swedish students improve their English. Keith says Swedish TV features many US sitcoms but his documentary will give viewers better exposure to everyday English.

Keith has been finding topics and activities to film. He says he’s heard a great deal about quay jumping and that is likely to feature in the programme.

This weekend, he has been meeting teenagers who have expressed an interest in the filming, but says he needs more boys to come forward. Keith says girls tend to be more social and more forthcoming.

Interested students can get in touch with George Pearson at the Council.