Scilly’s Ambulance Service Receiving New Vehicles

An existing 'mule' on Bryher

An existing ‘mule’ on Bryher

Tresco and St Martin’s will soon be taking delivery of two new ‘Mules.’

They’re specially adapted ambulances, based on Kawasaki all-terrain vehicles and they’ll be replacing the aging Land Rovers used by the service on those islands.

The vehicles are already in use on Bryher and St Agnes and this takes the Trust’s total fleet on the islands to four.

Islands’ paramedic Wayne Davey says that while the four-wheel drive vehicles might appear smaller than the old Land Rovers, there’s actually more space to work on patients in the back and their small size means they can access virtually any point on the islands.

They’re equipped with a full compliment of kit, including a defibrillator, fracture splints and medical gases.

Wayne says the two ambulances on St Mary’s and the Star of Life boat have all had their kit upgraded too. New units that monitor heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels have been installed, which can send information ahead to the intensive care unit at Treliske if a patient needs to be evacuated.

There are also new defibrillation units and a system that allow injections to be made straight into a bone in cases of severe injury.