Police To Make Vehicle Checks Next Week

police landroverIslanders are being advised that they have the weekend to make sure that their vehicles are roadworthy.

On Monday, police traffic specialists from the mainland will visit to ensure that all cars and lorries meet requirements.

If they find vehicles that would not pass a mainland MOT, the officers will advise the owners and they can issue prohibition notices. They’ll be bringing over computer diagnostic equipment, which can check and identify faults.

It’s likely that the two inspectors will visit one or more off islands too during their three-day stay. The Fire Service strategy, which addresses the potential for road traffic accidents in Scilly, reveals that there are around 100 cars on St Martin’s alone.

PC Faye Webb says police on-street consultations have found that the community is concerned with speeding cars and roadworthiness and that’s why the officers will be brought over.

Usually tyre faults top the list of the most common problems, but PC Webb has seen a car with an exhaust tied up with a rope and that, she says, would not be thought acceptable.

The officers are keen to work with islanders to answer questions and assess vehicle’s standards, which owners may be uncertain about.

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