Green Candidates Hold Public Meeting

hugh town from garrisonIt seems that the average turnout for a political meeting in Scilly is fifteen.

That’s the number of people who went to the UKIP meeting on Thursday at the Scillonian Club. And yesterday Green Party candidates for the Council’s election on 2nd May reported the same number of attendees.

Mark Prebble and Louise Graham are the first candidates to stand on a party platform in Scilly. They say that islanders who attended the two-hour session at the Atlantic Hotel wanted to discuss the future for waste management, traffic control and parking, the accountability of council officers, dogs and their owner’s responsibility, and the provision of affordable housing.

They also had questions on how any future development on the islands will be managed.

The seabird recovery project, which will eradicate rats from St Agnes and Gugh, was also talked about.

In a statement to ScillyToday, Mark and Louise say that they presented their case for the need for an, “open, accountable and proactive Council that consulted with the community on a regular basis.”

They advocated the use of local referendums to allow participatory democracy to evolve and also took the opportunity to “scotch a malicious rumour that has emerged” regarding their views on renewable energy.

St Mary’s voters will have a chance to quiz election candidates and hear their ideas in a public meeting at the Church Hall on 24th April.

Each prospective councillor will be given three minutes each to outline his or her plans. Questions and answers will then follow.

Eighteen islanders are standing for the thirteen positions on St Mary’s. They are: Ralph Banfield, Gordon Bilsborough, Roy Duncan, Adrian Davis, James Francis, Louise Graham, Fran Grottick, Andy Guy, Amanda Martin, Avril Mumford, Dudley Mumford, Gaz O’Neil, David Pearson, Mark Prebble, Steve Sims, Chris Thomas, Sheila Thomas and Fred Ticehurst.

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