MP Says New Helicopter Service For Scilly On The Cards

Andrew George, MP

Andrew George, MP

The islands’ Member of Parliament, Andrew George, says he hopes to make an announcement over the next few weeks about a future helicopter services to the islands.

He’s describing himself as a key driver of a group of stakeholders interested in re-launching a rotary service to the islands following the end of British International Helicopter operations last November.

Andrew says the group, which meets again today, includes people who are well known in Scilly as well as aviation and technical experts. He wouldn’t discuss financial resources and whether funding is secured but said the group has access to quite a bit of help and expertise.

Andrew says that the islands’ Council is “pretty aware” of the plans but “not fully” because of commercial confidentiality constraints.

Yesterday morning the Council’s strategic investment manager, Diana Mompoloki confirmed that she had spoken with Andrew George about a broad idea to start up a helicopter service but she wasn’t aware of more details of potential sites.

The former BIH Long Rock site in Penzance isn’t an option. The field has been ploughed and the hanger is awaiting demolition.

The MP says he doesn’t want to raise expectations but says that the idea of a helicopter link is still in the field of play. Andrew hopes that if all goes to plan there can be a service next year.

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