Scilly’s AONB Wants To Involve Young People

aonb signThe manager of the islands’ AONB, Trevor Kirk, says he wants to involve young people in the work of the organisation.

At last month’s Planning Committee meeting, Cllr Marian Bennett asked if the AONB’s advisory board could include representation from school children.

She said the school’s Green Team, which worked on environmental and recycling projects, had given good presentations to the board in the past.

And she said the AONB would benefit from “a younger, positive boost.”

Trevor says he’s launched a review of AONB structure and governance, which is an ideal opportunity to revisit the school’s involvement.

He said the Green Team isn’t running any more because there is no longer a member of school staff to support the group.

But he said the AONB intends to work with school, and other educational providers like the Children’s Services, the RSPB and the Wildlife Trust, to reinvigorate the Green Team or find an alternative way of engaging young people in environmental management.