Photo Exhibition Chronicles Life On St Mary’s

June Lethbridge

June Lethbridge

An exhibition of hundreds of photographs chronicling St Mary’s life over the last 80 yeas has gone on display at the island’s Methodist Church.

June Lethbridge has spent months transferring the images from slides and last weekend she posted them around the building. A similar gallery at St Martin’s Methodist Church inspired the exhibition and Reverend Charlie Gibbs thought it would be good to repeat that success.

June says she has plenty of images for the display. Her family have taken pictures all her life, and people have also offered more for the exhibition.

Jane says she’s had a positive reaction to the exhibition and the collection includes dozens of May Queens going back to the 1920s , including her mother. There’s a section about the church, the entertainers, carnivals the lifeboat too and also a feature on buildings and streetviews that have changed. Part of the display documents the development of porthcressa bank.

The snaps will be on display throughout the summer and there’s a collection for the church.

And some of the collection is themed. One set shows old buildings that have changed over time and another shows May Day celebrations, including her mother as May Queen.

June says some special photographs of royal visits will be posted soon.

The exhibition will continue throughout the summer and there’s a church collection.