Scilly’s Tourism Partnership Says There’s No Money For New Promotions

tourist information office signThe joint manager of the Islands Partnership, which is now looking after tourism promotion in Scilly, says people need to pull together as the organisation doesn’t have enough money for any new promotions.

Dave Meneer, who also works for the marketing company Wolf Rock, says they have been pushing to get Scilly featured in national publications like the Sunday Times and the Telegraph.

He says those types of quality articles cost a lot in time and effort but very little in actually money compared to how much a two-page advert in a national daily would cost.

And they’re also planning to promote Scilly at this year’s Royal Cornwall Show. Dave says we just need a small proportion of Cornwall’s 4.5 million visitors to pop over to Scilly to make a big difference to our numbers.

From Radio Scilly

Dave Meneer from the Islands Partnership talks about the promotion of tourism in Scilly

But he says the whole of the tourism in the UK is struggling at the moment and there isn’t a single person working in the sector who is, “leaping up and down with glee.”

The Islands Partnership does not have a magic wand, says Dave, and any new types of promotion will cost money, which they don’t have.

He says he doesn’t want to sound depressed, but is just being realistic, adding all we can do is hope for a better summer and use our existing tools to drive tourism.

“We have to turn the knobs we have and turn them better” he says.

The Partnership haven’t got a strategy in place yet for using social networking, which Dave says is cheap compared to other forms of advertising, but they’re meeting on Thursday to discuss how it could be used more effectively.

The Partnership are holding a ‘meet and greet’ session at Fraggle Rock on Bryher tonight at 5.30pm and at the same time tomorrow at The Turk’s Head on St Agnes.

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