Scilly’s Tourism Partnership Says There’s No Money For New Promotions

tourist information office signThe joint manager of the Islands Partnership, which is now looking after tourism promotion in Scilly, says people need to pull together as the organisation doesn’t have enough money for any new promotions.

Dave Meneer, who also works for the marketing company Wolf Rock, says they have been pushing to get Scilly featured in national publications like the Sunday Times and the Telegraph.

He says those types of quality articles cost a lot in time and effort but very little in actually money compared to how much a two-page advert in a national daily would cost.

And they’re also planning to promote Scilly at this year’s Royal Cornwall Show. Dave says we just need a small proportion of Cornwall’s 4.5 million visitors to pop over to Scilly to make a big difference to our numbers.

From Radio Scilly

Dave Meneer from the Islands Partnership talks about the promotion of tourism in Scilly

But he says the whole of the tourism in the UK is struggling at the moment and there isn’t a single person working in the sector who is, “leaping up and down with glee.”

The Islands Partnership does not have a magic wand, says Dave, and any new types of promotion will cost money, which they don’t have.

He says he doesn’t want to sound depressed, but is just being realistic, adding all we can do is hope for a better summer and use our existing tools to drive tourism.

“We have to turn the knobs we have and turn them better” he says.

The Partnership haven’t got a strategy in place yet for using social networking, which Dave says is cheap compared to other forms of advertising, but they’re meeting on Thursday to discuss how it could be used more effectively.

The Partnership are holding a ‘meet and greet’ session at Fraggle Rock on Bryher tonight at 5.30pm and at the same time tomorrow at The Turk’s Head on St Agnes.

16 Responses to Scilly’s Tourism Partnership Says There’s No Money For New Promotions

  1. louise Graham April 12, 2013 at 12:03 am

    I agree with Kay that a new association of local business needs to get together to discuss issues affecting us and, heaven forfend, maybe even come up with some ideas/actions which might help the tourist industry on the Islands – this was I believe the whole idea of IOSTA and then Island Tourism.
    We can and should be organising together to face the challenges of economic recession.
    So many great ideas have been put forward on this forum, but how do we get them acted on?
    There has been talk for years about developing a new wet weather facility for our visitors which could also be used by residents, yet any public money coming onto the Islands has been spent on other projects.
    How do we go forward from here?

  2. Alec hicks April 11, 2013 at 9:45 am

    The steamship co hold all the aces, they need to decide weather they are boat operators or plane then let someone run what they don’t want to, for profit the boat will be the way forward run all year get rid of the gry run the ship properly £40 return then see how many will travel, they won’t because it will take people off the skybus, but at the end of the day people stop coming they won’t have any fares no one on the islands to run guest houses or boats or restaurants,look at how many restaurants have closed over the past two years,
    Andrew may wont be getting this maybe they need to read all the comments.
    Can radio scilly forward them
    Not ashamed who I am Alec

  3. off Islander April 10, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    ha ha! well that’s good news Linda, and I hope that my comment hasn’t put anyone off coming the Scilly.

  4. Linda badcock April 10, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    Off islander
    What a load of tosh , you do not know what you are talking about.
    The local pleasure boats not only provide an excellent service, which is praised by the cruise ship operators but also provide their normal inter island service. Cruise ships have also visited St Martins , ST Agnes and Bryher in the past when they have requested the service. Please get your facts right before posting negative comments which do not help attract visitors to our beautiful islands.

  5. SueM April 10, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    Well at least I understand what the Islands Partnership was set up for now.

    It’s to make the Council look good…

  6. off Islander April 10, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    passengers from cruise liners and day trippers on the Scillonian only visit St Marys and Tresco, not only do the other three off Islands not get them but often the pleasure boats don’t come to the off islands when cruise liners are in as they are servicing the cruise liners!!!!

  7. Kay April 10, 2013 at 11:34 am

    I get the distinct impression that those most closely involved in these issues (organisations and business owners alike) do not have the means of co-ordinating their ideas and suggestions. Especially, now the season has started, it’s very difficult for business owners to take two hours out during the day to attend a meeting, so it only covers a small percentage of interested parties.
    In this day and age, when the TIC has an intranet for accommodation providers to update their details, special offers and so on, perhaps it would be a good idea to have a private forum for island businesses to ‘get together behind closed doors’ and actually discuss some of these issues and co-ordinate an effective response. Having this kind of discussion in public channels doesn’t do anything for the islands’ PR and probably does more harm than good.
    With the rise in importance of social networking and smartphones, this is another valuable means of bringing Scilly to the attention of prospective customers. Yet coverage of Scilly in these arenas is mostly left to private individuals and businesses, with a woeful lack of input from the ‘official’ Scilly organisations that should be co-ordinating it. There are now two SimplyScilly accounts on Twitter, one has a last entry of 5th May 2010 and the other one seems to be mainly staffed by island businesses using the #simplyscilly hashtag.
    Sadly, passengers from cruise liners and day trippers on the Scillonian usually stay in Hugh Town and rarely venture out into the rest of the island which means that a lot of non-town businesses hardly ever see them and miss out on prospective customers.

  8. Bill Hiner April 10, 2013 at 11:02 am

    Please don’t forget that businesses over here have to make a profit!
    Food and drink is dearer because of freight costs. Accommodation is priced to take into account the business rates, staff wages, freight costs, water rates, power etc etc. Many accommodation providers do their best to ensure a good experience for guests as well as keep their own financial heads above water!
    I feel there is a lack of wet weather alternatives, especially for families, which can only be addressed by large financial input.
    The Council could help by addressing litter, dog mess and late-night noise issues, as well as tidying the properties that they own, such as the re-cycling area at the rear of the Town Hall.

  9. Former Very Regular Visitor April 10, 2013 at 10:24 am

    As a former Scilly regular I think Colin & Kastri have totally hit the nail on the head ! Assuming they are both locals why are their’s and similar thinking views not taken in to account, perhaps a local group needs setting up instead of wasting money on consultants, surely there must be plenty of people on Scilly (and possibly ex visitors ?) desperate for the good old days to come back and prepared to put their heads together to come up with a few ideas.
    I have said on here before, I would love to become a Scilly regular again (used to come over 2 or 3 times a year) but I have been priced out of your market, I would not get any change out of £2500 for a week for three of us after fuel, parking, too expensive flights, too expensive accomodation, food and boat trips.

  10. Niall MacDougall April 10, 2013 at 10:08 am

    I just posted this on Radio Scilly’s FB page;

    German speakers represent nearly 40% of overseas visitors to the South West plus they spend 50% more than domestic visitors and Scilly doesn’t get it’s share!

    Based near Truro we already work with some hotels and B&Bs on Scilly, we really want to promote the islands to this market though our website We been visiting IOS for 20 years and believe it will appeal to this market. We’re a business, but are offering the Tourism Partnership the chance to create some content in German for Destination Marketing purposes on non commercial terms on our number 1 site in German speaking countries for holidays in Cornwall.

    We have our own ideas on the sort of people Scilly should be targeting…….trying to offer something to younger couples and families as well as the rich looking for an exclusive get away. A holiday that’s affordable and good quality will create the long term repeat customers of the future.

    We’re keen to speak to any interested parties on the council, Tourism Partnership and local business.

    Niall MacDougall

    Email or 01872 870711

  11. Kastri April 10, 2013 at 12:49 am

    Cost cost cost!! That’s your biggest challenge that needs to be addressed. I’m a big fan of scilly, always will be – the entertainment of the last year hasn’t helped PR. but as a travel consultant across Europe and Asia working with resorts to encourage footfall you are simply pricing yoursèlves out of many markets! You will always have your regular reliable returners – but you need new too, to spread the word wider.

    I work with niche resorts and scilly could be described as one in some ways!
    Good Word of mouth, generates numbers of course – build on that. One of the most disappointing things I ever saw recently on here was the negative approach to cruise liners visiting! Who cares if they are only there for a few hours, they spend money during that period and there you have 400+ walking adverts, if they have been given a good experience. I saw the same moan about scillonian day passengers, please – you can’t be choosy – a day passenger can very easily turn into a regular visitor for years – I did!! Embrace everyone, give them a fantastic time and watch! Oh and look at prices – everyone!! the markets too tough not to!!

  12. Colin Carruthers April 9, 2013 at 2:18 pm

    Are we marketing ourselves to the UK film/tv drama industry in any way?

    They havent yet got a facebook page, or twitter account? How long have they been here?

    Snakeoil salesmen. Selling ice to eskimos. We’re a soft touch here, we could be doing it all ourselves, in-house, no problem.

    Like Mr Meneer says, we cant magic up money. And WOlf Rock cannot magic a cheaper transport option, so I do wonder what use they are to us.

    A ‘food champion’? Come on, this is rediculous. Take me through the process, from beginning to end, where our tourist numbers go up, or takings improve.

    The ITBP could have spent all this money on beautifying Hugh Town, perhaps finding wet weather activities and shelters. We built a shelter and then stuck the TIC in there!

    We have to stop praying for sunshine, and start planning for wet and windy weather days, if we want to retain our tourists.

    The ITBP is a white elephant, and time will show this. Just another hole to pour money into. Is anyone actually listening to the tourists who DONT return? Or are we too busy fawning over the handful of tourists who still come, telling us how beautiful and special we are?

    You can’t successfully market a product that is fundamentally inferior and more expensive than rival products. We’re too expensive, we don’t take pride in the public spaces, and we ignore the fact that families trudge round the islands with grim faces when the weather is bad, only to have to seek refuge in a pub for some lunch prepared by fundamentally unskilled cooks, or pile into the Coop to look at the bare produce shelves. Perhaps if they’re into super strength lager, chocolate, and cereals then they’ll be delighted.

    LAG money should have been spent on projects to widen the An aquarium, a lido, a more intimate boat hire experience, a high-quality fish restaurant on St Marys, more cafes or businesses on Porthmellon beach, regular and cheap diving experiences for the family, an amusement arcade/youth venue/community hall like they have on Bryher, film screenings a couple of times a week, encourage more local bands, better signposting and descriptive signs of heritage sites, improve the duck ponds, improve parade park, etc etc etc

    Nah, just chuck it at Wolf Rock and get them to make some youtube videos.

  13. Bill Hiner April 9, 2013 at 12:45 pm

    “We have to turn the knobs we have and turn them better”

    What does this, in terms of promoting these islands EXACTLY mean? I just love meaningless corporate gabble!

  14. Mark Prebble April 9, 2013 at 11:35 am

    I’m sure we all appreciate that it’s not an easy market to promote in the current economic climate but how much is the prospective food champion being paid for not having to achieve any targets, milestones or goals?

  15. PJ April 9, 2013 at 10:57 am

    And how much does it cost a family to ‘pop over’ from Cornwall?

  16. Tom April 9, 2013 at 9:26 am

    Maybe if they cancelled the ‘meet and greet’ it would save them some cash!! the simple things are always the best.