Scilly’s First Party Candidates To Hold Public Session

Green Party candidate Mark Prebble

Green Party candidate Mark Prebble

The first candidates to stand for election to the Council of the Isles of Scilly as members of a political party will meet the electorate this week.

Mark Prebble and Louise Graham are both officially endorsed by the Green Party. That means an end to the days of an independent Council.

Some islanders are upset that the ‘no parties’ traditional, in place since the formation of the forerunner of this authority was set up in 1891, has ended.

Mark says people have been keen to talk to him about the issues of party politics, compared to those of independent candidates. He feels that politics is about teamwork and the Green Party’s ideals match many of his own.

The two candidates are holding an open meeting at the Atlantic Hotel this Friday, starting at 10.30am and running until 12noon.

The candidates say whether it’s waste, community care, housing or the state of the roads that concern you, “you can come and talk with people who care about your view.”

Mark says they cannot provide tea or coffee. Election rules prevent offering incentives for attendance at such political meetings.

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