Airport Offers Private Space For Waiting Patients

airport skybus check inPatients travelling from Scilly to the mainland for medical treatment will receive more privacy at St Mary’s airport after management agreed to allow the first aid room to be used.

They’ll also look to incorporate a more suitable private space into plans for the refurbishment of the terminal.

The request came from Dr John Garman, who described how seriously ill patients, sometimes with feeding tubes or using oxygen, have to wait for their flight in the public areas of the terminal and café.

John said this could be very distressing, especially for those patients who haven’t been out in public for a while and get besieged by well-wishers. He said the private space would be good news for patients who are particularly frail or unwell.

At present there is no choice but to wait in very public areas, so to have the offer of the use of the first aid room as an interim measure, and then a dedicated area as part of the terminal upgrading is very welcome, he said.