Family And Friends Say Goodbye To ‘A Truly Remarkable Scillonian’

mike hicks funeral 1Over 350 people attended the funeral of Council chairman Mike Hicks yesterday.

Every seat in the Parish Church, in which Mike was christened in 1934 and married in 1954, was taken as people said goodbye to the man Mark Groves referred to as, “a truly remarkable Scillonian.”

It was a celebration of his life, said Canon Paul Miller, who led the service.

There was a strong representation from the Council, which Mike chaired twice, the Masonic Lodge, Steamship Company and Police Service.

Prince Charles was represented by the Duchy land steward, Chris Gregory and Robert Dorrien-Smith attended on behalf of the Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall.

Canon Miller said that Mike was a man who was intensely proud of his family, and when he sat talking with him last week, just before he died, he found a man, “at peace with himself.”

All speakers talked of a man who was a keen ambassador for Scilly. Friend for over 40 years, Les Rowe, travelled from Cornwall to pay tribute to, “a mighty man.”

He said Mike represented the “brand essence” of Scilly before people ever talked of brands. He was warm, friendly and passionate about the islands, said Mark, and embodied all the elements of the Scillonian spirit.

Amanda Martin recalled that she thought Mike was a pirate when she was a child, with his swashbuckling nature and dark beard. And when growing up he was always interested in how islanders were doing when they returned from college, often offering encouragement.

Amanda highlighted Mike’s contribution to islands’ life and in particular his role as a Councillor. He was a “pillar of the Authority” for 30 years and twice served as a, “proud and determined leader of our Council.”

Mike Hicks (October 29th 1934 – March 29th 2013)

Mike Hicks (October 29th 1934 – March 29th 2013)

He was passionate about housing, once chairing that Council committee, and as a young man with an expanding family, tackled the Duchy land steward for a more spacious house. He was told he should consider moving to the mainland. When Mike suggested that the national media might be interested in that comment, the land steward offered a place at MacFarland’s Down the next day.

He was a man of many parts, Amanda said.

Reference was made to his diving, shooting, golf club captaincy and innovation in boating, which included starting supper trips to St Agnes, early morning bird watching tours and the Royal Mail contract.

His keen business skills extended to building, owning the coin locker shop and later the Belmont Guest house.

Mark Groves spoke warmly of a man who became a second father to him. He also spoke of Mike’s love of his wife of 58 years, Jocelyn, and shared examples of his humour, a reason why he was viewed with so much affection by both islanders and visitors.

When times were tough in their early years of marriage, Jo had asked for a 3-seater settee but Mike needed a new engine for the Sea King. Mike pointed out that you couldn’t get to the Bishop on a sofa, said Mark.

After the service, friends and family left the church to a muffled peal of the church bells. He had been a bell ringer as a boy.

His friends and family then walked to the Old Town Church to say a final goodbye.

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