Council Announces Candidates For Forthcoming Elections

Council chambers at the Old Wesleyan Chapel

Council chambers at the Old Wesleyan Chapel

Three longstanding Scilly councillors are not standing again in the forthcoming election on May 2nd.

Julia Day, Brian Lowen and Chris Hopkins have chosen not to put their names forward.

But there are more candidates for your vote than last time and a contest for places on St Martin’s and St Mary’s.

18 islanders are standing for the 13 positions on St Mary’s. Councillors seeking re-election are Ralph Banfield, Gordon Bilsborough, Roy Duncan, Amanda Martin, Dudley Mumford, Gaz O’Neil, David Pearson, Chris Thomas, Sheila Thomas and Fred Ticehurst.

They’ll be joined on the ballot by new candidates Adrian Davis, James Francis, Louise Graham, Fran Grottick, Andy Guy, Avril Mumford, Mark Prebble and Steve Sims.

There’ll be no change on St Agnes, as Councillor Richard McCarthy and Mollie Peacock are the only candidates standing for the two seats.

On Tresco, Robert Dorrien-Smith and Mike Nelhams will also be returned without competition.

But there are three islanders vying for two seats on St Martin’s. Former chairman of Council Chris Savill, Colin Daly and fish and chip restaurant owner, Adam Morton.

The surprise is that only Marian Bennett is standing on Bryher, which has two seats.

Current Bryher councillor Chris Hopkins says it’s a shame and he’s concerned that the island may be underrepresented, with only one seat filled. Chris, like many people there, had understood that there would be a second candidate putting their name forward.

As one of the designated Bryher seats won’t be filled, there could be a by-election to fill the post after this election, but a Council spokesman says someone there needs to call for that.

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