Support Being Offered For Housing Benefit Claimants

town hall windows signCash help is on offer for islanders who are struggling to make ends meet after their housing benefit has been reduced.

There have been concerns that some islanders could face a shortfall between their benefits and their level of rent, because of new government changes.

Council accountant, Sarah Chodkiewicz, says people living in homes with more bedrooms than are thought to be necessary are most likely to have their support reduced.

Discretionary housing payments will be judged on each case.

The Council will take locals’ financial circumstances into account before making an award and the Town Hall can tell you whether you are eligible.

There is a limited fund of £17,000, which has been granted by the Department of Work and Pensions to support this scheme, and the money is only on offer for this financial year.

You can apply throughout the year, Sarah says.