Narrow Escape In St Mary’s Quay Buggy Accident

tripper boats st marys quay 2A visitor from Essex has described his golf buggy accident on St Mary’s Quay as a ‘near death experience.’

On Monday afternoon, the visitor, who had travelled over from Tresco, attempted to reverse the vehicle near the taxi turning area, but CCTV footage shows the vehicle accelerate towards the water. Two wheels were left dangling over the quay wall and onlookers had to pull the buggy back.

St Mary’s harbourmaster, Dale Clark, says there were two buggies involved and they shouldn’t have been on the quay at all, because they didn’t have a permit.

Dale says the buggy hit the railings with some force, but they absorbed the impact and saved the vehicle from going over the edge. He says the driver and his wife were “very shaken up” by the incident.

Dale says it could have been a nasty accident as it was low tide with a 6m drop off the quay.

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