Guesthouse Owner Starting Out-Of-Hours Taxi Service

Sam Mallon

Sam Mallon

A St Mary’s guesthouse owner, frustrated by the difficulty in arranging late night or Sunday taxis for her guests, has decided to launch her own cab service.

Three cabs have ceased operations since last year and Sam Mallon, who operates Sylina Guesthouse, says she understands that those remaining can’t be expected to run all hours, seven days a week.

Sam has often ended up ferrying her guests around from their MacFarlands Down accommodation, which she says she is very happy to do, but felt it made sense to formalise the arrangement and run her own service.

She’s now able to open up the service for other visitors and locals.

Sam says she’s keen to plug the gap in Sunday provision and she’ll be on the road after the weekend Porthcressa discos too.

The business will be called Toots Taxis. It’s partially a nickname from her days on Bryher and Sam says she wanted something different to the usual choice of a name with a Scilly connection.

Sam says she’s not fazed by looking after her young son, being up early to prepare guest breakfasts and the prospects of late night cab runs, and is looking forward to the new venture.

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