Porthcressa Construction Company May Not Pitch For More Work In Scilly

porthcressa new library buildThe building company that carried out the £4.5m Porthcressa regeneration project may not have broken even on the contract.

And in a recent Planning and Development meeting, Council officer Diana Mompoloki also alleged that Kier construction will not be applying for more work on the islands.

Bryan Trethewy, Kier’s senior project manager for the area wouldn’t go into finances but confirmed that Kier won’t be pitching for more projects on the islands unless they were sizeable.

It’s accepted that construction in Scilly can cost around 150% of mainland schemes because of freight costs and staff accommodation. But Diana said there was no way the rainfall levels, which disrupted the Porthcressa scheme, could have been forecast.

Porthcressa is more or less on budget, she says, but the Council has changed some specifications, which have increased cost. The preferred library shelves cost around £20,000 compared to the original set, priced at £7,000

Cllr Gordon Bilsborough is concerned about the state of the road by the new shelter, which he says has been “torn up” by vehicles.

Diana advised that the surface would be restored and excavation holes would be filled and tarmacked.

Videos have been made of the road, which will reveal any damage that needs repairing, she said.

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