Fishermen Agree Voluntary Limits On Shellfish

matt lethbridge sea fisheries vessel 2The Isles of Scilly IFCA won’t be asked to bring in a formal bylaw to limit the amount of shellfish the islands’ amateur fisherman can land.

Some commercial operators have in the past voiced concern over the number of pots hobbyists use, claiming they have more than they need for personal consumption.

But following two separate meetings last week the amateur fisherman and the professional association have agreed that a voluntary limit is the best way forward.

Hobbyists will be allowed up to ten pots but they must clearly mark their gear with their names.

The commercial fisherman, who met on Thursday, have also proposed that the hobby fisherman limit the amount of shellfish that they can land on one day, but that suggestion still needs to be agreed by the non-professional fisherman.

The commercial meeting heard calls for hobbyists to be ‘educated’ on minimum sizes and the rules for selling their catch.

Maritime officer Steve Watt says the IFCA will police the voluntary code.

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