Scilly’s Fire Service Wants To Hear Your Views

fire engine lloyds bankThe Isles of Scilly Fire and Rescue Service is keen to hear your views on how they could improve.

Steve Webster from the service says, as a department of the Council, they have to consult with the public on a regular basis to find out where they could do things better or differently.

They’ve just published their Integrated Risk Management Plan, which is the blueprint for how the service will be delivered over the coming years.

Steve says it isn’t just about putting out fires. They also have to attend accidents and rescues and have the necessary equipment for car crashes, for example. But he wants to know if they’re focussing on the right services for the local community here on the islands.

Steve hasn’t heard any specific criticism of the local fire brigade, which he says always gets rated highly by the local community.

In particular, Steve says they’ve been very successful in reducing the numbers of fires that start to the lowest levels in living memory. That’s because they’ve spent time over recent years helping people to understand and reduce their fire risk.

But he says sadly there was a death caused by fire on the islands last year and Steve said you need to ask is there’s anything else that could have been done to prevent that or identify the risk earlier.

The Integrated Risk Management Plan is available on the Council’s website and at the fire station, and Steve hopes people will take the time to read that.

Anyone is free to contact them, either by phone or email, with any opinions or comments.