Islands Youngsters Sought For English Teaching Film

hugh town from porthlooA Scandinavian TV production company is looking for young islanders to feature in an educational programme, to help Swedish students improve their English.

Keith Foster, from UR Productions, says he wants to show how young people aged around 14 to 16 live in Scilly, including their interests such as sport, bird watching and music, as well as the issues they face day-to-day.

Keith has filmed language programmes in English-speaking countries all over the world, including the US.

He says Swedish youngsters start learning English at 7 years old, reaching a very high standard and the films help them to develop an understanding of different cultures.

Keith says Swedes also have a very romantic connection to islands. Stockholm is made up of an archipelago of thousands of islands, and he says Scilly was a natural choice because of its distinct culture and size.

The crew will spend two weeks filming on the islands at the end of summer, following the four chosen youngsters as they go about their daily lives.

Anyone in years 9, 10 or 11 who is interested in taking part should pick up a form from the Children’s Centre at Carn Thomas or from the One Stop Shop at the Town Hall. They’re also available online here.