St Mary’s Has ‘New’ Community Bus

The old community bus

The old community bus

St Mary’s has a ‘brand new’ community bus, although owner Steve Sims says that description “might be pushing it a bit.”

He says it’s the same age as the last one, just in “much better nick.”

The Mercedes 790D, which used to ply the suburbs of Plymouth, arrived on a landing craft earlier this month.

Steve’s last bus, which came from Lancashire, was famous for its adverts for a Burnley solicitor in the windows. He says sadly, the new one is completely plain.

And he was thinking about adding another piece of string to open the doors, to make his regular passengers feel at home, although he’s thinking twice about that after enjoying the luxury of pressing a button to let people in.

The community bus runs from just after Easter, starting this Monday, until the number of tourists dry up in October. Steve said he has tried running a service in the winter but he made about 60p per trip, so decided it wasn’t worth it.

And now the Buzza Bus has taken over, he says the island’s older people can easily get into town so he doesn’t feel as guilty about having the winter off.

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