Council Advertising Local Election Worker Jobs

polling stationIslanders are being offered the chance of working in polling stations for the upcoming local government elections.

Each island will have a polling booth for the vote on 2nd May and the Council has placed adverts for the roles of Presiding Officers, Poll Clerks and Count/Verification Clerks on their website.

A council meeting last month discussed increasing the pay rates for election workers from £165 to £195, to match the rates paid by Cornwall.

Administration officer Sue Pritchard warned members at that meeting that she had met “a certain amount of resistance” trying to persuade people in the Council to work for a “considerably less sum” than they earned in last November’s PCC elections.

But Council vice chair Amanda Martin asked whether the work had been offered within the wider community beyond the Town Hall, describing the jobs as “a nice little earner for people who are not on huge salaries.”

She questioned whether the jobs had been advertised widely because her friends were unaware of it and she wanted a recruitment campaign.

The work involves a 16-hour day and you’re not permitted to leave the premises during that time. And anyone who has carried out duties on behalf of any political party or candidate at the election is not permitted to apply.

Full details can be found on the Council’s website here.