Volunteers Removing Lower Moors Boardwalk

Lower Moors bird hideA group of four volunteer students from Worcester University are spending the week removing the boardwalk that reaches the bird hide on the Lower Moors nature trail.

They are removing remnants of the raised path, which has fallen into disrepair. Last year the bridge section linking Trench Lane to Rose Hill became impassable when the bridge over the stream deteriorated and had to be removed.

Julie Love from the Wildlife Trust says it’s a shame that the bird hide is no longer accessible but the cost of maintenance is significant.

Students Nick Wilson and Scott Barnes say they don’t mind working six hours a day until Saturday because they get to experience Scilly’s natural habitats and it’s warmer here than the Midlands! They say they are getting a free holiday at the Woolpack Centre for their efforts and they intend to see a Scilly shrew before they head home.

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