Crime Figures Show Scilly Is Safest Place To Live In England

Sergeant Colin Taylor

Sergeant Colin Taylor

Scilly is still the safest place to live in England and the islands’ police chief says he would defy anyone to find lower levels of crime elsewhere.

Our already low crime rate has fallen even further according to the latest statistics for 2012 with on average less than one crime a week.

Last year just 45 incidents were brought to police attention, down from 71 in 2011.

There’s been a big fall in theft with cases down from 22 to 10. Two burglaries were reported, only one being from a domestic property and there was one single shoplifting case.

The number of reported assaults fell from 16 to 10 and harassment cases were down from 7 to 3.

There were no drunk and disorderly cases in 2012 compared to 5 the previous year and drink-driving prosecutions fell from 3 to 1 over the same time period.

There was a 31% detection rate with 14 crimes solved.

Although many of these could be consider low level, Sergeant Colin Taylor doesn’t use that term because he says people still suffer from the crimes reported.

And Colin doesn’t think that the low crime rate will jeopardise the current staffing level at St Mary’s police station. He says it’s not just about recorded crime numbers as the officers get called to deal with many more incidents and issues each week, which don’t get reported as crimes.

And Colin says the low figures represent the efforts of more than just the Police. This is a continuing community achievement he says.

Colin is excited about the year ahead and says his team is eager to continue doing their bit for the islands.

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