Theatre Club Postpone Summer Play For Town Hall Refurbishment

theatre town hallSt Mary’s Theatre Club has decided to postpone their summer production because of work taking place to refurbish the Town Hall.

Maggie Perkovic says the closure means they won’t have access to the stage until sometime in July, which is too late to be able to build the set.

They had planned to perform Alan Aykbourn’s ‘Absurd Person Singular,’ which Maggie said requires some complex staging, including three working kitchens. They’ll now save that for next year.

Maggie said she understands that asbestos has been found in the town hall, which makes it even more important to keep out of the space until the work is finished. The club had been told the work would take 12 weeks but Maggie says they didn’t want to risk any delays if something unexpected was found.

But the club will be performing two one-act plays during June, with the same cast that auditioned for the Aykbourn play.

The first, called ‘Gosforth’s Fair’ is about a fete, so can easily be put on outdoors or in the church pavilion, says Maggie. The other is yet to be decided.

This is separate from the one-act play festival taking place in May.

But she says the Methodist and Parish churches have been very helpful offering places for the club to rehearse.

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