Health Watchdog Asking For More People To Complete Travel Survey

skybus twin ottersAnyone who has travelled to the mainland for medical treatment in the last three months is being asked to fill in a quick survey by LINk4Scilly.

Carol Clarke from the organisation says they need the feedback to identify any problems with the new travel warrant system, which started last year.

But she says there hasn’t been the response she’d hoped for from the survey, which was launched in January.

Around 35 islanders travel for appointments each week, but only around 40 have responded in total so far.

Carol says the questionnaire is very straightforward. They’re asking questions such as how easy it was to book your journey and what the travel experience was like.

It’s not an opinion survey, she says.

You can find a link to the survey at the LINk4Scilly website or pick up a print version at the LINk offices and the airport.