Waste Consultants Say No Decision Made On Inert Waste Sites

Pendrathen Quarry

Pendrathen Quarry

The Council’s waste consultants SLR say no firm decision has been made about dumping inert waste at Pendrathen or Porth Wreck.

It’s the second day of the second consultation into waste management in Scilly, requested by Council vice chairman Amanda Martin following concerns that January’s event was poorly promoted.

The plan centres on clearing the ‘Moorwell Alp’ by 2015, through moving waste either off the islands or using sites in Scilly.

There’s been widespread opposition, including a petition, after Pendrathen and Porth Wreck were identified as potential dumping grounds for inert material from Moorwell, but Andy Street from SLR says no firm decision has been made about using the sites.

He also says some locals have backed the use of the old quarry as a site for waste.

Andy said any decision would still need to go through a full planning process and do a detailed environmental assessment.

Islanders are only being consulted on how the waste strategy, which was already agreed by councillors back in 2009, is going to be delivered. That’s led to some criticism that local opinions voiced over these two days won’t change that strategy.

Andy says official bodies, such as the Council and Duchy, were asked for their input at the time, but accepts that residents weren’t widely consulted in planning the blueprint in 2009. He said in hindsight, it might have been better to do that, but said SLR weren’t in control of the project at that time

Some islanders are unhappy that kerbside pick up of waste, separated by residents, isn’t in the plans. Instead, islanders will have to take their own recycling to the dump.

Andy says there’d be significant costs if they had to collect separated waste from homes because the relatively small amount of waste would not generate a large enough market and therefore would be expensive to deal with.

He admitted though that it hasn’t been completely ruled out yet, and it is an issue he will bring up with Defra officials when they meet soon.

The consultation continues today at the Old Wesleyan chapel from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5.30pm. A special meeting is also being held to discuss the Pendrathen plans at 6pm in the Old Wesleyan Chapel.

You can hear a full interview with Andy Street from SLR here.

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