Chairman Speaks Of Pride In Newly Refitted Scillonian III

scillonian interior 2013The chairman of the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company has spoken of his pride in the newly refurbished Scillonian III ferry during her first sailing of the season.

Around 160 passengers were on the first trip and Andrew May, who was also on board, said he had managed to speak to many of them.

Andrew said his team was working up to the last minute to get the boat ready and said she feels “fresh and very contemporary” with new seating and lighting.

It’ll take people time to understand all of the changes that have taken place, he says, including those beneath the surface, such as a complete overhaul of the engines, new systems, decking and davits

Andrew told local business leaders that the ship has done a fantastic job for 36 years and while she’s essentially the same vessel, she feels completely new inside.

And he said the Steamship Company was keen to do its bit to ensure that the economy of the islands flourishes for the next ten years.

Islands Partnership chairman, Chris Gregory, congratulated the Steamship Company on their work and described the Scillonian III as “a dear old lady with a new frock.”

But he said the refit is also important to make her a vessel fit for the 21st century.

Chris said Scilly has “an old guard” of visitors who need to be well cared, but says their successors have very different expectations. Those arriving here by boat will now have their expectations set to a new level, he said, and that sets a challenge for the whole tourism offer on the islands.

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