Scilly To Feature On German TV

ZDF film crewScilly is set to receive more publicity on German TV after a film crew from the broadcaster ZDF has spent the weekend filming on St Mary’s.

The channel airs a nightly European news magazine and two features, one on our flower farming, the other on the world’s smallest football league, will be broadcast over the next fortnight.

Produce and presenter Suzanne Gelhard says the channel airs the Champion’s League and when they were researching football topics, they discovered the world’s smallest football league.

She feels the fact that the Garrison Gunners and Woolpack Wanderers play each other weekly will be of interest to her viewers.

Suzanne says she loves the calm and friendly atmosphere here on the islands. Germans love to travel, she says, and she thinks the Isles of Scilly will appeal as they’re very distinct in Europe.

She’s also hoping to return as she has more programme ideas.

The 7-minute interviews will air on the next two Thursdays. This week, they’ll feature daffodils and the week after Easter the interview with the footballers will be shown.

ZDF has an online iPlayer at