Refurbished Scillonian III Starts Service Today

The Scillonian III

The Scillonian III

The refurbished Scillonian III starts its seasonal service today.

She’ll arrive in St Mary’s earlier than timetabled, at 10.45am this morning. The company rescheduled the boat’s departure from Penzance to 8.00am because of bad weather forecast before the weekend,

The £2m refit, carried out at the company’s dry dock, will keep the 36-year old vessel in service until at least 2018.

There’s been an engine overhaul, upgrades to bridge electronics and navigational equipment, as well as the introduction of crew changing rooms and repainting. New lifeboats and davits have been fitted, which has created more space for passengers on the upper deck. Improvements for disabled passengers include fixed points for wheelchairs and a lift.

Passenger Kevin Crab, from Plymouth said: “The refurbishment is terrific; it’s a vast change since I was last on. I’ve been travelling on the Scillonian for 43 years and for me the biggest change is that they have put a lift in. This is significant as my mother has mobility issues and it’s made a big difference to her journey already – she was actually the first passenger to use it.”

There are new wall-coverings, seating has been re-upholstered and all hardwood stair treads have been renewed. National chain Coffee Republic will operate the food facilities.

During the sailing, passengers will be able to view information about the company and islands’ businesses on audio-visual screens.

The work has been extensive and is designed to create a “fresh and modern concept” says the Steamship Company.

Company chairman Andrew May says there’s been a fundamental change to levels of passenger comfort and he’s looking forward to hearing passenger feedback when he sails over today.

Business, community and tourism leaders will view the internal refurbishment at an on-board reception this afternoon.

The boat will sail six days a week until 2nd November and this year there will be Sunday sailings from 7th July until 8th September.

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